Top 5 Explainer Videos Ever Made

7 Oct

Top 5 Explainer Videos Ever Made

Top 5 Explainer Videos Ever Made

When it comes to promotional tools, it is very hard to find something as engaging and influential as an explainer video. They are one of the most effective instruments for people looking to reach their audience. That may explain why marketing experts love them and utilize them so much. Explainer videos are not only efficacious, they are also wide reaching. Creating a top rated explainer video can instantly turn an unknown company or product, into an overnight sensation. This compilation includes the top 5 explainer videos ever made. The videos selected show how an audiovisual video should be done and why they work so well.Read More

16 Nov

Vimeo Vs. YouTube: Which Is Better For Videos?

Today, many brands thrive on trust and ignition in building relationships with their consumers – video marketing strengthens these elements. According to Wyzowl statistics, around 61% of businesses are now using video content marketing as primary strategy. Still, a whopping 76% of businesses vouch on video marketing to boost ROI.

Yes, Google loving YouTube account for its massive popularity to many brands who want a huge slice of the internet pie. According to Moovly, you show up 53 times more on Google search if you have videos embedded on your site. This directly affects your site’s search engine rank. Now, even the most aloof buyers get engaged with videos than pure text because it’s interactive and can quickly explain everything in a few minutes. This is how videos can turn the tables around in terms of your profit and brand exposure online.

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31 Oct

How To Add Music To Your YouTube Videos

YouTube once managed to outshine Google by 5.3% in terms of site visits in 2015, making it the second most visited site on the web – next to Facebook.

This is the first of its kind that featured user-generated content. More so, this happens to have the biggest source of videos online which is why many people look up YouTube for varied video materials. Being owned by Google certainly has its advantages too because when people search for certain keywords on Google, this also suggests related YouTube videos.

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11 Oct

Awesome Online Tools To Help You Make Animated Videos

The story is indeed only as good as its execution. This adage rings true to how visual content sells today. It’s all about the art of storytelling or communicating the benefits of a brand to your target market. With video content on the rise, any digital marketer would prioritize on making animated videos or images to captivate your target audience and grab attention.

Animated videos are popularly used today because it can easily explain and break down huge concepts into bite-sized pieces in a matter of seconds. Creating animated video might sound too difficult or could require a higher technical aptitude to execute, but it is in fact very easy to make these videos without breaking the bank.

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