Awesome Online Tools To Help You Make Animated Videos

Awesome Online Tools To Help You Make Animated Videos

baarryholldinng2 December 2, 2018

The story is indeed only as good as its execution. This adage rings true to how visual content sells today. It’s all about the art of storytelling or communicating the benefits of a brand to your target market. With video content on the rise, any digital marketer would prioritize on making animated videos or images to captivate your target audience and grab attention.

Animated videos are popularly used today because it can easily explain and break down huge concepts into bite-sized pieces in a matter of seconds. Creating animated video might sound too difficult or could require a higher technical aptitude to execute, but it is in fact very easy to make these videos without breaking the bank.

While your concept may be astounding, if you have poor execution, then everything crumbles down. The use of animated videos is a cost-effective and engaging medium that will help you compel your target audience into action.

Visuals are said to be processed 60,000 times faster than text which helps translate any context into life. Here are awesome online tools to help you make animated videos:

  • This online animation provides a no-fuss and easy-to-use interface for students and professionals alike. This is a total video presentation and animation solution that is very versatile and has an extensive suite of pre-designed animations that you can use in making high-quality animated videos produced in a relatively short time. These videos are designed to stand out and dominate in whatever industry you are in.
  • This is an awesome online tool made very simple to use for creating infographics, animated videos, and academic presentations. It showcases tons of free templates that you can use for creating animated videos and presentations with minimal effort. Choose to activate a number of animation effects on the dropdown list to amplify engagement with the use of your videos. This only makes use of the highest quality of images and animations that can breathe life into your storyline.
  • This online animation tool can easily create stunning video presentations with the mix and match of graphics, animations, and effects. This also supports both desktop and mobile platforms. You can add objects, videos, text, or images, and animate these with a wide variety of effects. This also enables your animated videos to be shared directly to all social media networks. Your video presentations can also be run as executable files. You can get this for free or as a paid service.
  • Make Web Video. This is a free web-based animation tool geared mainly for designing high quality and HD video presentations and animations in less than an hour. It can quickly create high quality animations that would usually take hours to do. There are different design templates to choose from.
  • Go! Animate ($25 per month). This is an online animation tool with over 50 types of template cartoon characters to choose from. Included too are 20 music tracks, 200 props, and 20 backgrounds. There are also template voices that can be used in your creations or you can personalize by recording your own animated voices.

There are tons of free tools online that you can use for your animated videos; although the paid ones are still worth a look and a purchase. Choose your tools wisely and get that much needed leverage for your brand to keep your boat afloat.

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