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How do I watch VR videos on YouTube?

How do I watch VR videos on YouTube?

Virtual reality and its use has been significantly increasing the last couple of years. Finding VR videos and content has become effortless. Hundreds of websites catering to the virtual reality genre are available. Even the popular video hosting site YouTube is home to multitudes of VR related videos. Topics cover a wide spectrum of genres and situations. Yet for most people who are not familiar with watching VR videos on YouTube, it can be a challenge. Some may wonder exactly how to watch these highly engaging videos. Others think that doing so may be too difficult for them to accomplish. But it is not as difficult as it seems and it doesn’t require too much technical knowledge.

Truth is that there was a time not too long ago when virtual reality was something you only saw portrayed in Hollywood movies. While many of those scenarios seemed far-fetched at the time, that is no longer the case. The future is coming towards us faster than most anticipated. That includes virtual reality and the technology behind it. Virtual reality is among us now and many are jumping in to take part in it. Today, there are millions of people using VR headsets to immerse themselves in computer generated simulation. They also indulge in three-dimensional environments or images that come to life.

Presently, there are all types of VR videos found on YouTube. Some come from amateurs while others are from renowned companies. The highly immersive 360-degree videos include music and other topics. It’s important to point out that you don’t actually need VR headgear to watch VR content. You can use a computer or other devices to access it. But you won’t get the authentic virtual reality experience without it. For those who want to see these VR movies in true engrossing 3D and 360-degree fashion, VR goggles are required.

Thankfully, you can buy a pair of Google Cardboard headsets for about $20. They are the least expensive on the market today and best option for those not looking to spend too much money. This option will not only work for Android users, but iPhone owners as well. For those who have the Oculus Rift, Samsung VR or other goggles, the steps are the same. The first thing you want to do is download the YouTube app for your smartphone.

Once you have downloaded the app, your next step is inserting your smartphone into your headset. Click on the video you want to see to begin watching the VR videos. You can also use the browser in your VR gear. From there, visit YouTube directly or find the VR videos from searches and other apps. Keep in mind that YouTube does not offer adult content. People interested in seeing free virtual porn movies or other sexually explicit content, will need to go to adult sites to find them. Since the VR technology is so popular lately, that is easier than ever.

Chances are once you begin to explore the virtual reality world, you will be engrossed by it. With so much to see and enjoy, the only problem is finding enough time to see all the amazing and immersive VR videos.